#NorthsideStJ 3rd Graders took part in a " Book Tasting" to begin their day on Tuesday. A scrumptious way to "bite" into a good Book.
3 days ago, Liam Dawson
Book Tasting
#NorthsideStJ 3rd graders created an "array city" as they explored multiplication facts. Kindergarten and 1st grade creating Mondrian Art to explore the use of vertical and horizontal lines, while using primary colors.
5 days ago, Liam Dawson
KA & G1 Mondrian Art
Array City 2
Array City 1
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners! Way to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.
5 days ago, Liam Dawson
Golden Token Winners
Saints Power Winners
There was some "Turkey Trouble" afoot this week at #NorthsideStJ Kindergartners had to disguise their turkeys to remain safe from the farmer.
8 days ago, Liam Dawson
Turkey Trouble 2
Turkey Trouble
Northside Elementary will hold picture retakes in the morning on Tuesday, December 7th. More information will be coming home in VIPs on Thursday, December 2nd as there is NO SCHOOL (K-12) on Friday, December 3rd.
9 days ago, Liam Dawson
SJPS first American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (A.I.P.A.C.) meeting will be held in the Armstrong School Board room (500 3rd Ave. S.) on December 8, 2021 at 6 pm. Anyone with American Indian heritage is invited to come and participate in the formation and continued participation of this committee. This includes, students, parents, SJPS employees, and community members. Questions, please email or call Superintendent Heil or feel free to show up to the meeting.
9 days ago, Steve Heil
Watonwan Cty. has openings today from 10 am to 1 pm for 5 and above vaccines. Please contact Watonwan County Public Health to schedule an appointment.
11 days ago, Steve Heil
A Note from the Northside PTO: 2nd and 3rd Grade Families, The 2nd/3rd Grade activity night on November 18th has been postponed. The PTO will be combining K-2nd grade and 3-5th Grade for two PTO nights later this year. Thank you families for your understanding. Northside PTO
12 days ago, Liam Dawson
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners. way to go!
12 days ago, Liam Dawson
Book Winners
Saints Power Winners
Another great week of learning at #NorthsideStJ Engaged 1st graders during small groups with Ms. Romsdahl and Kindergarten students creating STEM Teddy Bear Bridges.
15 days ago, Liam Dawson
KA STEM Bridges 2
KA STEM Bridges
1st Grade Reading
Familia Santos, Escuelas públicas de St. James, específicamente niños en edad de primaria, está comenzando a ver un aumento en las pruebas positivas de COVID. A muchas de nuestras familias se les notifica que su hijo estuvo en contacto directo con una persona positiva. Los casos provienen de grupos de iglesias, actividades juveniles, guarderías y algunos se propagan en la escuela. También pasamos 10 días de Halloween, lo que se pusieron espuestos a enfermedades dentro del plazo. Debido a que no podemos identificar un punto de exposición, y estamos viendo muchos espuestos entre las actividades, el Distrito Escolar está pidiendo a los padres de Northside que consideren que sus hijos usen mascarillas durante las próximas dos semanas (10 días escolares) hasta las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias. Al tomar su decisión, recuerde que los niños que usan una mascarilla no se consideran un contacto directo si entran en contacto con una persona positiva que también usa una mascarilla. Además, a partir de hoy, muchas de nuestras estudiantes en las aulas estarán usando mascarillas debido al aumento. Como precaución secundaria, debido al aumento de casos en Northside, no vamos a permitir que Northside asista a la Asamblea del Día de los Veteranos. Quiero agradecerles de antemano por su consideración con las mascarillas durante los próximos 10 días escolares. Con orgullo Santos, Dr. Steven Heil, Superintendente
17 days ago, Steve Heil
Saints Families, St. James Public Schools, specifically elementary aged children, is starting to see an uptick in positive COVID tests. Many of our families are being notified that their child was in close contact with a positive individual. The cases are coming from church groups, youth activities, daycare, and some spread in the school setting. We are also 10 days past Halloween, which puts exposure to illness within the time frame. Because we cannot pinpoint one exposure point, and we are seeing lots of overlap between activities, the School District is asking Northside parents to consider masking their children for the next two weeks (10 school days) up to the Thanksgiving break. In making your decision, please remember that children wearing a mask are not considered a close contact if they come into contact with a positive person who is also wearing a mask. Also, starting today, many of our classrooms will be in masks due to the uptick. As a secondary precaution, due to the uptick in cases at Northside, we are not going to have Northside attend the Veterans Day Assembly. I want to thank you in advance for your consideration to mask for the next 10 school days. In Saints pride, Dr. Steven Heil, Superintendent
18 days ago, Steve Heil
G5 #NorthsideStJ students are busy creating their "Blank Space Stories" during their "Unplugged" Coding lesson during STEM.
19 days ago, Liam Dawson
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners! Keep it up!
19 days ago, Liam Dawson
Golden Token Winners
Saints Power Winners
Reminder: There is NO SCHOOL for Kindergarten-5th Grade students at Northside Elementary tomorrow due to conferences.
23 days ago, Liam Dawson
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners! Way to go!
26 days ago, Liam Dawson
Golden Token Winners
Saints Power
#NorthsideStJ students have been busy in Art with Mrs. Becker. Here are some 3rd-5th Grade student pieces featured in the halls of Northside.
about 1 month ago, Liam Dawson
Tim Burton-G5
Tim Burton-Grade 5
4th Grade Landscapes
3rd Grade Alma Thomas
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners! Keep it up!
about 1 month ago, Liam Dawson
Book Vending Machine
Saints Power Winners
Congratulations to this week's #NorthsideStJ Saints Power Winners! Way to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe! #GoSaints
about 1 month ago, Liam Dawson
Saints Power Winners
Good luck to our #NorthsideStJ 5th Grade Football players as their team brings their 7-0 record into the league Championship match tomorrow! Good luck and Go Saints!
about 1 month ago, Liam Dawson
5th Grade Football 2
5th Grade Football