Stars of Honor

This week, 48 Northside Elementary students were recognized as Stars of Honor.  Students were nominated by their teachers and the award recognizes students for the hard work in the classroom, academic excellence, and strong character.  Stars of Honor works in partnership with the University of Minnesota, in which recipients this year have the opportunity to attend a University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Gymnastics Meet on Saturday, January 27th.

Locally, these students will be recognized on Monday, January 22nd at the Event Center in-between the Girls B-Squad and Varsity basketball game.  Families able to attend should arrive by 6:40pm for the anticipated announcement at 6:50pm.  Upon conclusion of the B-Squad game, recognized students should wait near the scorers table for their name to be called at which time they will be recognized at half court. 

Congratulations to these #Northside StJ students!

Front Row (L to R): Keila C, Chase R, Pedro DC, Henry TL, Kennedy G, Poppy R, Yarethzy V, Emma A, Johan M, Rylan B, Brayden J

2nd Row (L to R):  Jason B-F, Dylan O, Raul M, Oscar MV, Zeke L, Diego HR, Raygyn A, Finley A, Melanie D, Olivia B, Huxley R

3rd Row (L to R): Jax S, Calvin T, Landon R, Aide BG, Liam S, Aylee M, Kynlee S, Kelsey G, Isabela MC, Melani HG, Belinda CC, Araici JL, Kate C

Back Row (L to R): Dacen A, Teresa DP, Jose S, Owyn S, Kallie R, Belen CC, Allie W, Manuela PS, Asher B

Not Pictured: Isaac TR, Maryori RR, Justin P