Employment Opportunities

Paper Application for Custodial, Paraprofessional, Childcare, etc.

Mission and Vision

St. James Public schools.  Vision:  A lifetime of learning, growing, and succeeding together.   Mission:  A school community committed to supporting lifelong learning and fostering respect for all

Priority Areas and Statements:

Lifelong Learning

  • Develop well rounded academic and extracurricular opportunities to produce college and career ready learners who thrive within the community. 

  • Create and apply curricula that challenges student growth in all aspects of their learning

  • Use best classroom practices in instruction and assessment 

Culture and Climate

  • Develop a safe, respectful, and positive learning and working environment

  • Foster a respectful, inclusive, and equitable environment for everyone to learn, grow, and thrive in a diverse world

  • Celebrate accomplishments at all levels

Relationships and Partnerships

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships and partnerships that are essential to the growth of the individual, the school system, and the community

  • Foster honest and trustworthy relationships and partnerships within our school system and community

  • Provide consistent and inclusive communication between students, staff, parents, and community

Facilities and Finances

  • Maximize the district’s facilities, human, and financial resources to meet the diverse needs of the school district

  • Maintain and sustain facilities and finances where all stakeholder interests are welcomed and considered