Saints Families,

The school year is winding down and we are heading into concert and play-off season for spring athletics and activities.  2022-2023 was a great year for participation by students, families, and community members.  We had the unique opportunity to use a one time grant to allow participation and attendance at our athletic and activity events at no cost for everyone.  Unfortunately, these dollars are now used up.  

We did see some benefits this year.  The School Board and I recognized that we had more student attendance than in the past few years, along with a couple sport teams showing increased numbers.  In order to work within budget constraints, we will need to once again charge for participation and attendance in athletics and activities.  We are taking a more conservative approach as we move forward with reinstituting these charges.

Student Participation in Athletics and Activities

  • Junior High Athletics (Grade 7 & 8 teams only) will cost $15 per activity.

  • Senior High Athletics (JV and Varsity) and Plays will cost $25 per activity.

  • Free and Reduced qualifying paperwork will cost $10 for all athletics and activities

Gate Fees for Families and Community Members

  • All students free

  • Adult $7 per event - or-

  • Single Adult Pass - covers all Athletics and Activities (including concerts):

    • $50 for Fall, Winter, and Spring

    • $40 Winter and Spring

    • $25 Spring only

As one can see, we are trying to make participating and attending events very cost effective for our students, families, and community members.  The School Board and I will be analyzing the budget as we move through next year.  We hope we can maintain lower costs to students, families, and community members in our extra-curricular activities.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our end of the school year and season events over the next few weeks.

In Saints pride,

Dr. Steven Heil, Superintendent